• The Space Village

    Adjacent to The Planet site is The Space Village, a celestial exploration environment where visitors will learn all about the planets, the environment, and the significance of the Solar System.

    The Space Village exhibits focus on raising the awareness of the public about the Solar System and space exploration, and current events involving the Earth and space exploration. Nighttime events include pre-programmed shows that dramatically illuminate the planets through lighting, music and other special effects. The Space Village offers numerous educational and community outreach opportunities.

  • The exhibition

    The exhibition is public art on the Solar System. The Planets are between 12m and 18m in diameter, mounted on 3m high platforms, and are lined up along a distance from 1 to 3 km. The Planets are realized with the most modern inflatable technologies, which relate the content of this exhibition not only to science, but also to technology.

    Art has often in the past used ‘state of the art’ technologies, and The Planets’ inflatable structures are part of that tradition. A person will be placed inside each globe to control the lighting, which is designed to emulate the appearance of the planet. All the planets will be visible from both close up and from a distance.

    8+1's goal is to tour The Planets to multiple destinations around the globe. Each city will have the opportunity to be involved with the design and creation of The Planets. On the opening night of every event 2000 volunteers, dressed in white and carrying a blue lantern, will depart from different points and arrive at The Planets’ site, representing the drawing together of energy from all points of the city.

    It will be a display of sound, light and motion. This stunning collection of photographs of each of the events around the world will finally be published in a hardback edition: The Planets event collector's book.